The paintings fold into a story titled DeiaVU,

(the Puzzle of the Tall Tower)

The initial vision for this story was conceived in 2006 by Svetlana David and Elena Alexandra. Between 2006 and 2009 Masha Vasilkovsky visualized their original idea into a series of paintings that further expanded the seed concept into a dramatic visual story. Over the past decade, in turn inspired by the artwork, Svetlana David and Elena Alexandra developed a narrative titled 'The Puzzle of the Tall Tower.' Presently Masha Vasilkovsky and her company, Lumen Animae, in collaboration with Svetlana David and Elena Alexandra, are creating an animated film based on this material.


This dramatic narrative is being animated in stereoscopic 3D using a combination of sand and paint-on-glass direct animation techniques. The storyboarding and pre-production stages have been completed and presently the film is at the very start of being materialized into existence. Visual development pieces for the film-- the artwork and animation clip have been made by Masha Vasilkovsky.

The inseparable Truth and Light feel a pain of disconnection from the integral part of themselves externalized by the deep watery realms of Snake. They embark on a journey to find the source of their suffering. To enter Snake's kingdom in search for the answer, Truth and Light agree to her 'kiss'. Transported into Snake's kingdom through taking poison Light shatters into a multitude of pieces while Truth forgets who she is. Yet Truth suspects that things are not what they seem in the Snake world and refuses to believe her eyes. She travels to the Tall Tower of the Snake to solve this puzzle.



Dance into Unity through the Heart of Tango, made in paint on glass

the paintings