Materials: pastel on wood

Isaak praying with his wife is portrayed here as  San Ysidro a patron of plowers, who prayed in the fields while an Angel plows his field..

 Praying Isaak
Materials: carved wood with animaged projections, cloth


Production Stills

This multi-media installation comissioned to LUMEN ANIMAE by Farfields Estate in 2017. Artists designed a gallery space and a series of art works around the concept of Redemptive Agriculture featured in the Jewish tradition, where every seventh (Smita) year, no crops are planted and the Earth is allowed to regenerate.

Animated loop (4:25min). The centerpiece of Mysterium Georgicus installation.
Materials: paint on glass. sand, light, video footageate.

Gallery Installation

Earth Seed Installation

Materials: black/red earth, light reflective paint

Praying Isaak Installation

Vide Documentation of Praying Isaak Installation and Exhibit

Top panel of Praying Isaak Installation