2019          'Coming of Age', animation documentary (Co-Director, In production)

2019          'My Angel of God', animation documentary (Co-Director)

2018           'Ashe 68' VR Sand animation made for US Open 2018 (Art Director/ Animation Artist)

2018        'The Promise' animation documentary (Producer/Director)

2018        'Eyes of the Azure', 35mm, 9min, light/ paint-on-glass technique, (Director,                              Animator, Producer)

2018        'Peter Daniels', animation documentary (Creative Director)

2018        'The Allegory of Two Caves', animation PSA (Creative Director)

2017.       'Dieu Merci', animation documentary (Creative Director)

2017        'Ceder Plate', animated short (Producer/Director)

2017        'C'est Normal' animation documentary (Producer/Director)

2016        'Peace by Piece' animation documentary (Producer/Director) 2016 'Period' PSA                     (Producer)

2016        'Letter to the Future' PSA (Producer)

2016        'My Genesis' animated short (Director/Animation Artist)

2016        'Key to Mystery' animated short (Director, Animation Artist)

2016        'The Departure' animation for live action film by Noka Films, New York.                                   (Animation Artist)

2015        'When Man to Man is a Wolf' animation documentary (Producer/Director)

2015        'The Story of Three Rings', 8 min, documentary (Producer/Director)

2015        'Tipping Scales', 6 min, documentary (Producer)

2015        'Rites of Passage', feature documentary (Animation Artist, Art Director,                                   Storyboarder)

2015        'Sensorship', PSA (Producer) Harvard Westlake School & Los Angeles Museum of                   the Holocaust

2015        'Freedom of Speech', PSA (Producer, Animator) Los Angeles Museum of the                           Holocaust.

2014        'River of Art', feature documentary (Animation Artist, Art Director, Storyboarder)

2014        'The Monster Within', PSA (Producer, Animation Artist) Los Angeles Museum of                     the Holocaust

2014        'My Vision', PSA (Producer) Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust

2014        'Better Place', PSA (Producer) Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust

2014        'Pay Attention', PSA (Producer, Animation Artist) Los Angeles Museum of the                         Holocaust

2013        'Re-Invent Education', PSA (Producer) Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust

2013        'I See You', based on a feature length CalArts production: (Co-director, Producer)

2013        'Sharing the Planet', BIL conference

2013         Long Beach, CA, creating an animated short with public.

2012        'Lo Azul Del CIelo', feature, dir. J. Uribe, commissioned paint-on-glass animation,                   3min

2009        'Curve of Earth', feature, dir. Lee Madsen, commissioned paint-on-glass                                   animation, 3min

2009        'As You Desire Me', triptych installation by Maureen Selwood, (Animator)

2007        'I Started Early', Dir. Maureen Selwood, produced for NY PBS, (Animator)

2006        'Ombre Del Lupercale', an animation commission, collaboration with dir.                                 Maureen Selwood

2005        'Tell Me Cuba', documentary Dir. Megan William, (Animator)

2005        'Drawing Lessons', Dir. Maureen Selwood, (Animator)

2004        'Fila' commercial, Base 2 Studios, (Visual Develpment)

2000-05   'Il Doctor', film by Suzan Pitt, produced for PBS, (Animator)

2005        'The Widower', music video by Mars Volta, (Storyboard Artist)

2000        'Fur and Feathers', 16mm, 5:30min, paint-on-glass technique, (Director,                                    Animator, Producer)

2000        'Mistaken Identity', film by Maureen Selwood, (Animator)

1998-99   'The Message', film by Raymond Krumme, (Renderer/ Animator)

1998         'At Home', 16mm, 7min, drawn technique, (Director, Animator, Producer)

1994         'Mama' 16mm, 4min, drawn technique, (Animator, Producer, Co-director)

1994         'Before Tea', 16mm, 3min, drawn technique, co-directed with Eun-Ha Paek

1994         'This Ain't no Sunday School', 16mm, 3min, drawn technique, co-directed with                        Eun-Ha Paek


2014       'Threepenny Opera', theater play directed by , directed/ animated Ballad of Jack                     the Knife 

2013       Feature length Show 'I SEE YOU TOO', (Co-Director, Producer)                                     
                Show featured fussion  of Animation, Dance, Music.. Ramon C. Cortines                                      Highschool, Los Angeles

2013       Feature length Show 'I SEE YOU', (Co-Director, Producer)                               

                Show featured fussion of Shadow Theater, Dance, Music, Film, Character &                                Experimental Animation. California Institute of the Arts. Valencia, California.

2012       REDCAT, Disney Theater, Los Angeles 'dARK Matter Obfuscation' (Animation                            artist)

2011       'Perseus', theater play directed by E. Kafezi, 3D stereo sand/ claymation, 5min.                        Los Angeles

2010       'Dance Into Unity', story by S. David and E. Alexandra,concept development/                            illustration. Los Angeles

2006        Glow in the dark Dragon mural, private comission

2006       'Ombre Dal Lupercale', K. Jones/ G. Glanfanelli event, Collaboration with Maureen                   Selwood, Rome, Italy

2005       'I Miss Communism', theater backdrop, comissioned by Ines Wurth, painter

California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA

2012-present         'Film Workshop' for BFA 3 and 4 Character Animation 

Fall 2014                 'Graphic Short Story' for MFA 1 Experimental Animation 

Fall 2014                 'Scenic Design' for MFA students Experimental Animation 

Spring 2014           'Direct Techniques' for MFA 1 Experimental Animation 

Spring 2014           'Museums in LA' open to Institute Critical Studies 

Fall 2007-2012       'Drawn Techniques in Animation' for MFA 1 Experimental Animation 

Winter 2013           'I See You' open to Institute, Experimental Animation 

Spring 2012            'Art Appreciation, Paris' open to Institute, Character Animation 

2009- 2012              'Skill Enrichment for Animators' open to Institute, Character Animation  

Fall 2010- 2012       'Animal Locomotion' open to Institute, Character Animation 

Spring 2011            'Stereoscopic Claymation' open to Institute, Character Animation 

Spring 2007            'Drawing for Animators' for MFA students, Experimental Animation       

Fall 2003                  'Animation As Art' open to Institute, Character Animation 

Other Educational Institutions

Fall 2007                  University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA Drawing for                                              Animators

2008/09                    Junior High Summer Institute in Animation, (COC) directed and                                            taught for two years 

Summer 1998/07   California State Summer School for the Arts, (Calarts) animation

Fall 2002                   MOCA Museum, Los Angeles, CA taught Art Appreciation,                                                       Contemporary Art

Fall, 2002                  East Los Angeles College, Los Angeles, CA Creative Drawing                                                   Art 201

Fall, 2002                  East Los Angeles College, Los Angeles, CA Background and                                                    Layout Design, Art 216 

Spring, 2002            Eagle Rock High School, Los Angeles, CA Art Appreciation

                                  20th Century Art 

1995-1998                Inner City, Community Arts Partnership,

1995-1998                CA animation instructor  KAOS Network, Community Arts                                                       Partnership, CA animation instructor

1995-1997                Oakwood High School, Los Angeles, CA animation instructor 

Additional Professional Engagement

2013-present     Filmmaker with The Righteous Conversations Project, Holocaust                                         remembrance organization

2015                    Curator CalArts program at ANIMATOR - International Animated Film                                 Festival, Poznan, Poland

2013-15               Storyboardist, Animator, and Visual Development artist at Warrior                                       Films Studios, USA

2014                    Storyboardist, Animator, and Visual Development artist at Dynamic                                     Communications, Taiwan

2014 summer    Co-Director, Animation Program CAPSA (Community Arts Partnership                                 Summer Arts Program) Ramon C. Cortines School of Visual and                                           Performing Arts, Los Angeles, USA

1999-00               Animator at Loco Pictures Commercial Animation Company, Los                                         Angeles, USA

1998          California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA, MFA in Experimental Animation

1995          Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI, BFA in Experimental Animation

1990-92    Boston University, Boston, MA, Marine Biology/ Hebrew Studies

1987-89    Stroganov School of Design, Moscow, Russia, Academic Drawing/ Sculpture/                          Painting

1984-86    Krasnopresnenskaya Art School, Moscow, Russia, Academic Drawing/                                      Sculpture/  Painting

Ph. +1 323 791 8697   


Guest Artist Workshops

2018                    Portfolio Preparation, SIA at Beijing/ Shenzhen, China

2015                    Animation Master Class, Moscow, Sokolniki Park venue, Russia

2015                    Gindling Hilltop Camp, Malibu, CA

2013 .                  UCLA School of Film & Television, Los Angeles, CA, 3D Animation                                                Masterclass

2013                    Harvard Westlake, Culver City, CA, Seven-day animation intensive

2013                    BIL Conference, Long Beach, CA

2013                    East China Normal University, Shaghai, China , Ten-day animation                                             intensive

1998-2012           California Institute of Arts, Los Angeles, CA Classes in animation                                                 techniques

2006                    Los Padrinos, Juvenile Correctional Facility, Los Angeles, CA

2006                    Elliot Institute, a Middle School for Children with Autism, Los Angeles, CA

2006                    Post Secondary Educational Facility, Los Angeles, CA

2000                    Matita International Animation Festival, Guardiagrelle, Italy

College of the Canyons, Valencia, CA

2017-present         'Storyboarding for Animation' taught for 3 semesters

2016-present         'Animated Documentary' taught for 4 semesters

2007-present         'Animation 101'™ taught for 20 semesters 

2007-present         'Animation 201' taught for 11 semesters 

Fall 2009-2011        'Character Design' taught for two semesters 

Spring 2010-2011  'History of Animation' taught for two semesters

Co-founder/ Co-director, LUMEN ANIMAE Amity of Creative Partnerships

Faculty, Character Animation, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA

Faculty, Media Entertainment Arts, College of the Canyons, Valencia, CA 

Television Swiss Romande, Geneva

Switzerland Dynamic Communications

Taipei, Taiwan Arte

G.E.I.E., Strasbourg, France

Bip-Youth channel Ltd., Tel Aviv, Israel

2018        Emmy’s Award Nominee, 2019

2018        Best Animated Film, for film 'Eyes of the Azure,' Teatro Ivelise Internarional                           Festival, Rome Italy

2015        Best PSA, and Grand Prize, 5th Los Angeles Film Festival

2008        1st prize, Red Shift Festival of Russian Cinematographers, for film 'Fur and                             Feathers,' New York

1994        David Rosenberg memorial award for film 'Mama', Rhode Island School of                             Design


2018.      Tribeca Film Festival, New York, USA

2018       Sundance Festival, Utah, USA

2018       US Open Tennis Championships, Ashe ’68 VR, New York, USA

2018.      Rome Independent Prisma Awards, Rome, Italy (Eyes of the Azure, finalist)

2018       IveliseCineFestival, Rome, Italy

2018       International Short Film Festival Beveren, Belgium

2018       Lisbon Film Rendezvous, Lisbon (Eyes of the Azure, finalist)

2018       Eurasia International Festival, Moscow, Russia (Eyes of the Azure, finalist)

2018.      IBIZACINEFEST, Ibiza, Spain (Eyes of the Azure, semi-finalist)

2016       Museum of Jurrasic Technology, Los Angeles, USA

2016       Bijou Theater, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, USA

2015       Festival de Films Documentaires, Paris, France

2015       Documentary Action Train, 17 venues, Taipei, Taiwan

2015       St. Louis International Film Festival, St. Louis, USA

2014       National TV of China. Premier

2014       LA Film Festival, Los Angeles, USA

2014       ArcLight Cinema, Hollywood, USA

2013       Walt Disney Modular Theater, CalArts, Los Angeles, USA

2013       BIL Conference, Long Beach, USA

2013       Harvard Westlake School, Studio City, Los Angeles, USA

2013       The Quest Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

2012       Museum of Jurassic Technology, Los Angeles, USA

2008       Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA

2008       Red Shift Festival, New York, USA

2008       Taiwan Animation Festival, Taiwan

2003       Animac Animation Festival, Spain

2002       Zinebi Animation Festival, Bilbao, Spain

2001       Annecy Animation Festival, France

2001       Ottawa Animation Festival, Ottawa, Canada

2001       Wiesbaden Animation Festival, Wiesbaden, Germany

2001       Granada Animation Festival, Granada, Spain

2001       Ann Arbor Film Festival, Ann Arbor, USA

2001       Slamdance Festival, Anarchy Online Film Festival

2000       Anima Mundi Festival, Brazil

2000       Molodist Festival, Ukraine

2000       Mattita Festival, Italy

2000       Sproket Show, San Francisco, USA

2000       Taipei International Animation Festival, Taiwan

2000       Pompidou Museum, Paris, France

2000       Anima Mundi Animation Festival, Brazil

2000       Matita Festival, Italy