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RUAH EDELSTEIN is a contemporary artist and a film director best known for her series of conceptual work including short films, paintings, graphics and site-specific installations. Deconstructing a seemed complexity into simplicity of forms, the artist describes the main theme of her work as an observation of the human soul's destiny, the journey of it, and appeal to kindness as an eternal value. Edelstein is a faculty at California Institute of the Arts, where the artist teaches film production in the Department of Character Animation.

MASHA VASILKOVSKY is an Experimental Animation Artist and Filmmaker, whose pieces emerge out of humanistic ideas. The artist is sought out for her work in directing animated documentaries and appreciated for film and projection on sculpture pieces, she makes with direct animation techniques in her personal and commissioned work.  Masha teaches animation production at College of the Canyons as well as at the Character Animation Department of the California Institute of the Arts.

Lumen Animae was founded in 2012 in Los Angeles by two filmmakers Masha Vasilkovsky and Ruah Edelstein.

   Amity of Creative Partnerships

The amity fosters socio centric philosophy of sharing inspiration and knowledge with the community through film productions, master classes, and multi-media shows.


An example of the amity's work is a collaboration with The Righteous Conversations Project, where together with Holocaust survivors and groups of students Lumen Animae directs animated documentaries based on the stories of survival or at times produces Public Service Announcements on issues of modern day context.

Lumen Animae Productions

The Promise
Holocaust Survivor
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